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Shadow Clans Movie 2014

There is a growing appreciation for science fiction and futuristic films all over the world. People love fantasizing about the near future. Dystopian and utopian alike, all are enjoyed by audiences across the planet.

Avid followers of futuristic films have always been on a look out for quality film such as this. Among these movies I find to be very interesting and worth looking out for is an independent film called "Shadow Clans.” This film is a perfect must-watch as we are fast approaching the technology singularity. As humans and computers rapidly advance, man and machine begin to merge. Loyalty and betrayal, the promise of immortality… and ninjas. Lots of ninjas.

For the past several years, we have been served with the same, stereotype sort of adventure-fantasy movies about the near future but nothing has ever been depicted like how Shadow Clans movie is. A futuristic film all spiced up with jaw-dropping fight scenes, artificial intelligence, biological engineering and the idea of living forever. this movie that is sure to tickle everyone’s imagination.

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