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SHADOW CLANS is set in an alternate reality, in a distant future where homo-sapiens are evolving exponentially alongside the very technologies we create. Scientist of the Sinistra Faction under the commercial name MetaCorp, develop a highly classified Bio-Molecular Neural Device in a secret underground laboratory.


Initially, the device's primary function is to control pre-programmed Nano-bots. These Nano-bots boost neural activity causing the host to experience increased levels of intelligence and awareness. Eventually, the technology evolves to its most sophisticated feature, Nano-bots with the ability to assist with the production of the most accurate ‘cell replication’ humanly possible.


In theory, “stopping the human body's natural ageing cycle”... allowing one to live quite literally, FOREVER. To MetaCorp and the Sinistra, this equaled an extremely lucrative venture of unparalleled fortunes.


But as fate would have it, the unbiased laws of "Cause and Effect" would begin to yield horrific side effects, ultimately leading to the first ever ‘Genetically Engineered Nanobot Virus’ or GEN-Virus. Paranoid delusions, schizophrenia and extreme levels of aggression are just the beginning. Soon after, homicidal tendencies wreak havoc and the body count rises.


GEN-Virus devours the mind, body and soul of its now sociopathic host, giving way to mass murder and total carnage. As the GEN-Virus epidemic begins to sweep the globe, killing hundreds of thousands and infecting millions more, a deadly power struggle ensues between two warring factions of the Shadow Clans, the Interfectrix and the Sinistra.   


Lead scientist of the Interfectrix faction known only by the code name IQ, is abducted by the Sinistra and forced to reverse engineer the Neural Device. IQ develops what he believes to be the cure for the nanobot virus. He gives it a fitting name, the 'Genetically Engineered Nanobot Code' or GEN-Code.


IQ smuggles it out with the help of Kenjiro, an Elite Enforcer for the Interfectrix. The only way to safely transport the Code is to upload it into Kenjiro’s neural implant. IQ instructs Kenjiro to proceed to the Interfectrix Stronghold, where scientists will safely initiate the GEN-Code.  But on a race against time... Kenjiro struggles to outrun the voices and hallucinations as GEN-Virus threatens to devour his infected mind and body.  


Kenjiro's only hope of a cure is to engage the GEN-Code, but initiating the GEN-Code requires a reboot of his Central Nervous System by completely stopping his heart. In other words, he has to literally die in order for the GEN-Code to override the current program and take control of the Nano-bots swarming his body.


On his way to his destination, Kenjiro is intercepted by GEN-Virus infected enforcers of the Sinistra, known as the 'Rogue'. A byproduct of genetic engineering gone horribly wrong, Rogues prove to be the Sinistra's most formidable weapon, rabid and relentless.  


Kenjiro attempts to evade his pursuers, but finds himself extremely outnumbered. Cornered, Kenjiro fights for his life to get the GEN-Code to its intended destination. Genetic enhancements endow Kenjiro with lightning fast reflexes, superior strength and cat like agility, but the Rogue are trained to savagely eliminate their opposition. Pulverized with a series of countless heavy strikes, Kenjiro's war-torn body goes into shock, ultimately killing him.    


Silence fills the air. Moments pass and just as the Rogues begin to disperse, the GEN-Code initiates, jump starting Kenjiro's heart. With a surge of energy, the nano-bots in Kenjiro's body become instantly infused with the power of the GEN-Code.


Annihilating every Rogue that crosses his path, he must make his escape with the precious payload stored within his neural implant, or all will be lost.  Both Sinistra and Interfectrix reinforcements arrive with high-powered Photon rifles and all-out war between the two factions erupts.  


When the dust settles, Kenjiro delivers the Interfectrix the GEN-Code, the only known cure for the GEN-Virus epidemic that has swept the globe. Quietly disappearing into the shadows... Kenjiro realizes he is not only cured… he has transcended his humanity.  


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