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Elusive by nature, Clandestine spies play an extremely important and integral role within the clans. Genetically enhanced like their Executioner counterparts, a Clandestine is required to be equipped with a surgically implanted neural expansion device.


By no means does this make them a machine or computer, however the neural device does allow them to decipher and comprehend vast strings of code, rapidly calculate advanced levels of mathematics and crack extremely complicated algorithms many times faster than unaugmented humans who's IQs rank at genius level. As IQ, Grand Architect of the Irukandji is quite fond of saying, "It's all about the augments".


Clandestines and Executioners maintain a symbiotic relationship. As handlers, Clandestines navigate Executioners as they charter unknown territory by way of satellite uplink. During covert missions the two are tethered, as Clandestines become the eyes and ears of the Executioner. This gives them an an enormous advantage especially in times when a simple wrong turn can mean the difference between life and death. It is at this time when Executioners are most vulnerable and rely on the Clandestines ability to lead them through nearly impassible, often times pitch black terrain. 


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