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There is no greater symbol of the clan’s might than the secret brotherhood of assassins known as the “Shadow”. Much of the Shadow’s history is shrouded in myth and lost to legend, but can be traced back to a group of Shadow Assassins that united warring tribes under one banner by forming the original Shadow Clan. In time they would ignite a rebellion against the violent and oppressive government officials of their time.


Shadow Assassins are the clan's battle-hardened warriors commonly referred to as Executioners. Executioners train, fight and often die side by side. Moving together as a single unit, they seldom break rank. Highly secretive and elusive by nature. When dispatched on solo missions Executioners navigate through the darkness as solitary creatures, unseen, unheard; shadows in the night leaving only the aftermath of their carnage. 


Loyal to the death, only the highest level Executioners are hand selected to serve as elite bodyguards to the Grand Architect. This elite brotherhood of shadow assassins are the true origins of the Shadow Clans. They are the protectors of their faction... they are the ‘Shadow’. 


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