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A ruthless, international brotherhood of elite barons, who have amassed an unlimited amount of wealth. Architects control global prices & economy with influence over international banking cartels and governments as well their political and religious leaders.  


A hierarchy was soon created within the order, strategically seating Architects at the helm of the Shadow Clans. Since the inception of the first Architects, the Shadow’s influence has spread to all corners of the globe providing the Clan unprecedented influence and access to wealth and never before seen power... but at a heavy cost to the brotherhood of assassins.  Lies and deception, fueled by power and greed would ultimately cause the once united clan to  factionalized. 


In retaliation to this new order, many members of the brotherhood would band together to form what has come to be known as the Rogue Assassins, loyal only to the assassin's code, which was written by the original Brotherhood of the Shadow. Turning  their swords upon their newly appointed superiors, the Rogue would prove to be the greatest threat to the hierarchy. 



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