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Arranged along militaristic lines... factions are assembled in strict hierarchies... the roles of its members are sharply defined.

ARCHITECTS - Ruthless like their counterparts (Executioners), in business and commerce, Architects influence the global economy, technologies, infrastructure. Architects have brought the Shadow Clans unprecedented influence and access to wealth and power. 

CLANDESTINES - Spies with an uncanny ability to manipulate lesser minds, bending individuals to their will. Their approach is deeply psychological. They are responsible for whether they are manipulating highly influential individuals or the masses by globally propagating skewed information by way of the media. 

EXECUTIONERS - Masters of dispatching rivals to their graves. For thousands of years they have lived and died by the sword. Living breathing weapons that cannot be disarmed. With the advent of global technologies, Executioners have become genetically engineered. 





A secret war ensues between two factions, the Irukandji and the Sinistra, who are at odds over a Biologically Engineered Neural Device they have been developing in secrecy.


Although in it's primitive stages, this technology has allowed scientists to seemlessly assimilate the human brain with an artificial one, drastically enhancing it's host's thinking capacity.


Korvin, the maniacal Grand Architect of the Sinistra is on a warpath and will stop at nothing to get his hands on the technology. He releases the deadliest of his assassins, but finds his faction head to head with Kenjiro, a genetically engineered Executioner and the most elite killer of ithe Irukandji faction.


Dispatched to retrieve the neural device, Kenjiro must stop Korvin at all cost, but Korvin harbors secrets to Kenjiro's mysterious beginnings, which he intends to fully exploit. 


Plagued with disturbing visions, Kenjiro navigates through a world of lies and betrayal, forcing him to confront his dark and violent past. 


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