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Rogue Assassins


An extremely elusive brotherhood of elite assassins, the Rogue are a distant kin whose lineage can be traced back to the forefathers of the original Shadow Clans. These elite assassins mutinied several hundred years ago, violently opposing the inception of the first Grand Architects. Architects were extremely powerful and influential land barons who promised wealth and power, never before seen by the Clans. 


This controversial powerplay would strategically position the Architects at the top of the brotherhood, thus creating a fundamental change within structure of the Shadow Clan’s sacred hierarchy. This change would prove to create a devastating rift that would ultimately tear the Shadow Clans apart.


After years of bloodshed, a secret gathering was called to order. This gathering would bring forth from the shadows hundreds of the most battle hardened assassins who opposed the new order of the Shadow Clans They stood in attack formation, but not a single sword would be drawn. Instead, as a final act of treason, they untied their crimson sashes from their wastes and wrapped them around their eyes to blind themselves. This gesture signified their defiance of the new order and with this, they turned their backs on those they once considered brothers. 


Standing fast… a long silence fell over the ranks of the assassins as they stood motionless in the rain. Silhouettes in the darkness, only the dim firelight flickering in the distance would betray their position. Light struck and thunder boomed, then... nothing. This dark, stormy night would give birth to the most elusve faction the Shadow Clans would ever come to know. Enemies of the new order... the Rogue Assassins were born. 


An unseen force, the Rogue have infiltrated the very ranks of the Shadow's most powerful factions. They are considered amongst the most dangerous of foes and pose the greatest threat to the very hierarchy that binds the Clan together primarily because their identities, much like their intentions, are concealed. They are everywhere... their presence felt, but nowhere to be seen. 


There are a few very powerful Rogue that stand openly amongst the factions undetered, respected and feared.


Kenjiro, an elite assassin of the highest order, serving as Executioner and loyal to the Irukandji faction for over two decades, was commssioned by the Grand Architect himself to deliver a Bio-Molecular Neuarl Device, which stores within it, a hihgly classifed code called the Trans-Human DNA.


He is one of the few who walk among one of the few Rogues who walk 

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